Projetez-vous sur le grand écran de Times Square!

Cet ingénieux bricoleur vous explique comment devenir une vedette à New York (mais le Mail Online affirme que c’est un montage, voir plus bas):

Maintenant l’explication du Mail Online:

Like all good hoaxes, this one relies on ‘believers’ asking the basic question: Why would someone waste their time on such an elaborate deception?

While undoubtedly ingenious, the clip made by Bitcrash44 and his accomplice is also undoubtedly fake.

The most compelling argument is that Times Square video screens are ethernet-based, not wireless (after all, there are so many screens in the square that wireless streams would be a nightmare).

Simply putting a wireless signal near the screen, even with a helium balloon, would not in any way alter the images.

Secondly, the transmitter device is plugged into the phone’s headphones jack, which does not transmit video.

Thirdly, the split-screen ‘hijacked’ in the clip (ie the second hijacked screen) shows the transmitted video being playing fractionally BEFORE the transmitting video on the iPhone. That, it hardly needs to be said, is impossible.

Possibly the most damning evidence, however, is when BITcrash44 emerges from a gift shop with his helium-filled red balloon.

A bit of amateur sleuthing discovered the shop is Broadway Gifts on West 46th Street. A call to its owner today revealed that the shop does not sell, and never has sold, helium balloons.

Therefore, what BITcrash44 was doing in the shop remains as much of a mystery as to the point of the whole clip in the first place.

Unless it was just for good, old-fashioned entertainment – in which case, well done!

(merci aux alertinternautes qui ont signalé la fraude.)