The inconvenient truth about Quebec’s secularism law Trudeau doesn’t want to face: it’s popular

Quebec’s religious symbols ban should absolutely be an election issue, writes former PQ leader

Texte publié dans la section opinion de la CBC.

« Unthinkable. » That’s how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reacted when Quebec tabled a law that would ban religious symbols and clothing for its teachers, judges, police officers and other public sector workers.

He pledged to « defend the rights of Canadians » against the proposed ban. His minister of justice repeatedly called the bill « unacceptable » and alluded to « next steps » once it became law.

Op-ed in the Guardian: Well done, Britain, for a fair referendum – it’s a shame Canada didn’t manage it

(Voici le texte d’opinion que m’a demandé le quotidien The Guardian, de Londres. En ligne ici.)

Boy, would I have loved to have had the Scottish referendum before the one we had in Quebec in 1995, for which I was strategist for the yes campaign. I am sure those who are for an independent Scotland have lots to say against the tactics and arguments of Better Together, but we in Quebec would have given an arm and a leg for the fair play and adult behaviour displayed so far by the British government. This is why:

If I were Anglo, I’d worry about this guy Couillard

I know most Anglo-Quebecers look at this election with a measure of unease with some of the policies of my party, the Parti québécois. I get that.

But I’ve talked with enough Anglo-Quebecers these past 18 months to know that they often give credit to the PQ for good government and that they resent being taken for granted by the Liberal Party. I know, also, that they loathed the climate of corruption and collusion that was prevalent under the previous Liberal government. And they surely don’t want it to come back.

The Economist: Canada « Uncool »? Québec « Cool »!

L’influent magazine britannique The Economist écrivait cet automne que le Canada devenait assurément, « Uncool ».

Soucieux de ne pas faire souffrir le Québec de cette mauvaise presse anti-canadienne, j’ai envoyé une brève lettre au magazine pour souligner notre différence.

Et en voici la traduction :

Gens du pays, c’est votre tour